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Month: September, 2015

Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts

I seem to be addicted, that’s the only satisfactory explanation for once again doing an Adventure Race, this time in Saaldorf. Oh, the trouble that needs to fill the week before! I’ll never do this again (this year). Read more of the pain (and fun) in German.

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Unplanned and spontaneously, the next episode of our series “Competitions on Completely Inappropriate Bikes”: my Home-MTT, through woods and gravel, on the roadbike. Someone has to do it, after all. And yes, it works. Somehow. Summary by my mom: “As soon as I leave you alone you’re doing mischief!” Oh yes, I like that.

Fly Like A Mad Eagle

What a perfect season final! My official last triathlon of 2015 was a sprint in Jena, immediately followed by biking once more for our company relay team. It was a great day! Read all the details in German.