And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Category: Shower Talk

Inertia creeps

Triathlon Season! So this was the planned start into competition, and I guess this went quite well. Beer might be key, I’ll check this theory.

Taste the Pain

‘Tis the season, the bikes wanna race, and I was lucky and could do an Adventure Race with Justus.This time in Lam, maybe for the last time in Bavaria. Read more in German!

Maybe I’m all messed up

I found two cockchafer grubs in the flowerpot. They are my pets now. They have tiny red breast hair! “I’ll call them Klaus… and Klaus.” – “So everyone knows right away what kind pf person you are: nutjob” (“Lights off!!”)

I hereby offer a piece of homemade cake to the person who can translate the German pun in a halfway funny way. (I wasn’t allowed to keep them.)