And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Wet Wet Wet – Step by Step

It’s been an exciting summer. Crashed my bike twice and always ruined my knee, so I’ve been far from participating in any competition, but recently I tried running again and since it seemed to work Justus took me to Tharandt three days after, to do some orienteering. It’s been interesting, but details are only available in German.

Let’s Get Lost

I don’t learn from my mistakes, that’s a fact and also the reason why I agreed to do the Tri-O-Lon in Brandenburg once again. Because of all these nice people! Please switch to German for the long version. I don’t actually care whether you understand German or not.

To Absent Friends (2)

Farewell – Ogre (15.5.2012 – 11.8.2018)

It’s been an eventful summer. Lots of chaos, lots of change, lots of colourful body parts, a change of flat, and, on this occasion, a sad farewell to 15 kilos of scrap metal that were very dear to me. Goodbye, little bike!