And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Przepraszam seems to be the hardest word (1)

Aaand I’m still not in the mood for translation, anyway I’ve been to Poland in October and now I finally wrote about it (and drew pictures, which was the time-consuming part), so you should maybe switch to German to view it all?

What better time than now

“This is quite the season indeed for friendly meetings. At Christmas every body invites their friends about them, and people think little of even the worst weather.” – Jane Austen, “Emma”

Spreewald Travelogue (8)

(Paddeln) 18.8. Der ganze Zeltplatz trifft sich morgens am Bäckerwagen. Geruhsames Frühstück, geruhsames Paddeln. “Badepause!” – “Voll undurchsichtig, das Wasser.” – “Hier steht, das deutet auf Blaualgen hin.” – “Lass uns mal ne Dusche suchen.” Also keine Badepausen mehr. Nur noch zum Ziel paddeln. “Langweilig?” – “Geht so.” Geschafft! Finisher-Fassbrause und Erdbeerbowle. Die Heimfahrt: “Klassisches Sabaton-Wetter!” – “Boah, hatten wir ein Schwein.”


18.8. In the morning the whole campsite meets at the baker’s car.
Calm breakfast, calm paddling.
“Bathing break!” – “Hmm, the water’s pretty opaque.” – “It says here that this might be a sign for cyanobacteria.” – “Let’s look for a shower.”
So no more bathing breaks. Just paddling to the destination.
“Boring?” – “Could be worse.”
We did it! Finisher lemonade and strawberry punch.
The drive home: “Classic Sabaton weather!” – “Wow, how lucky we’ve been.”

And this about wraps it up. Have some photos and see you soon!