And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Feierabendkitsch (4)

Once in a year it has to be done: the most senseless hill around Jena. Visited so scarcely that trees just break down to die, and the German Unification also hasn’t quite made it up there.

Oh well at least it’s something different

Pretty solid humidity on the first day of vacation. Builds character. Also: from sparkling new bar tape to fucked up vintage look in only two hours. Otherwise it looked like I never used my bike, I couldn’t possibly want that.

Tested For You: Being a Bike Guide (3)

(Biking) Were there any learning targets? (1) “I’ve worn my helmet all day today!” – “…and not just now, to make me shut up. Well done.” (2) “Can we go on another hill or will you die then?” – “Yeah, we can. I won’t die until I’m at the top.” – I’ve got no idea. Anyway, we hit them all.

I tried really hard. After two weeks I knew all the names. After ten weeks I could tell my chicks apart by their freewheel noises. Nice!