And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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We’ve Only Just Begun

MTBO is fun, we could well do this every other weekend… so we were lucky to have an MTBO weekend in Petzow in May, which I described in German.

Tested For You: Medical Gymnastics (2)

The success can’t be denied. “Look what I can do again since yesterday!” – “Great.” Maybe I rejoiced a tiny bit too much. “It doesn’t hurt!” I mean really. “50m dolphin, man, everything hurts.” – “But it doesn’t hurt any more!”

(Background: at a bike crash last autumn I hurt my shoulder but only noticed two months later at swimming when it threatened to explode, and from Christmas on it was magically restored then. Hooray for physiotherapists!)

Tested For You: Medical Gymnastics (1)

“Might be working! Or maybe not! Try some medical gymnastics, let’s see whether it helps!” – “Do I need sports clothes there? Will it be exhausting?” And then: “Can we pull this a little bit further? Just relax!” – “OwwwwwOK.”

This blog used to contain comics, remember? Now I’m obviously already behind with all the other stuff, so I thought I’d squash two comics in between and in the course of this try to make the drawing process less of a torture. Well, medical gymnastics, I’m at that age now, right? Anyway, getting your back kneaded regularly in the morning is not too bad…