Baltic Sea Travelogue (1)

(Cycling) Baltic Sea Biketour (with my orienteering friend) “Should we maybe plan a route for this?” – “Nonsense! Baltic Sea is in the North, we’ll find that! If not, we can ask passers-by.” (After 70 km later) “‘Scuse me, could you direct us to the Baltic Sea, please?”

Only four months late, here are the memories from this year’s summer holiday! As long as I still remember something…
In spite of our huge disinclination to plan things, we did not only rely on the compass in the end, but we used a GPS and followed a track we had got using the splendid GPSies planning tool: “one track for bicycles from Jena to Rostock, please”. This worked amazingly well and most of the time we travelled on rather quiet and even pretty cycle tracks… does anyone else dare try this method?