Dance While the Sky Crashes Down

(Biking) Things I’ll do when there is bad weather: Clean oven. Tax declaration. Decalcify shower. Tidy up desk. Go shopping. Paste photos into album. – Fortunately, the weather is never bad.

New year’s resolutions, har har! I wonder if I’ll post halfway regularly this year. Anyway the first comic collab is done, and even more than on time (last year already! Do I get a gold star or what?) – the topic was “Zu erledigen” (To do) and, as usual, Schlogger’s announced it. And here are the others’ To-Do-Lists (most comics are in German): Jo Lott / Rainer Unsinn / Pepperworth / badham / Nadia Bader / Mic at Six / Demystifikation / Regenmonster / HybridArt / Blogrovic / Dramatized Depiction / Tanja Lauch / Isla Volante / Zweithirn / art’n’illus / Katalyma / Hannes Falke / Karrakula / Marvin Clifford / Catnipsflavour / Mal-Gries.