And the trail is there to burn

(Biking) There’s a thin line between braveness and stupidity. (“Won’t work. At all.”) If it works out, it was braveness. If it doesn’t – it was stupidity.

And again it’s Comic Collab time! Time flies! (Cough… I sound like my own grandmother.) This time it’s all about “Mut” (braveness), which was, as usual, Schlogger’s idea. And these were the other participants (most comics are in German): Isla Volante / Skizzenblog / Rainer Unsinn / Zweithirn / Schaf und Verstand / Kritzelkomplex / BTW / Online Comics / TeamO / Pepperworth / Salzlolly / Dramatized Depiction / Blogrovic / Schisslaweng / Eulalia the Oovl / Buddelfisch / Badham / Mal-Gries / Frozen Gerbil Inside A Microwave / art’n’illus / Sabi writing whatever.