And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: December, 2017

Just move on move on move on

“…Andererseits, wenn du dir immer alles ersparst, erlebst du auch nichts.” – Wolf Haas, “Wie die Tiere”

(Roughly translated: “…On the other hand, if you always spare yourself everything you’ll never experience anything.”

Me, I like sleeping/Specially in my warm own chamber/But here I am in the middle of the damn forest with a ripped tyre and up to my ankles in mud and having a lot of Poland feelings only worse

To quote the Caretaker of Doom: “So at least you’ll have a good story to tell.” Merry christmas, I wish you lots of good stories in the new year!

Przepraszam seems to be the hardest word (2)

And this is part two of my Polish journey, still not available in English, but for some nice little pictures of great cars you should maybe switch to German.

Przepraszam seems to be the hardest word (1)

Aaand I’m still not in the mood for translation, anyway I’ve been to Poland in October and now I finally wrote about it (and drew pictures, which was the time-consuming part), so you should maybe switch to German to view it all?