And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: January, 2016

Tested For You: Kayaking (1)

(Kayaking) “Welcome everybody! First we’ll try to just go straight. Some might get it even before lunch.” – “Ridiculous. I’m not paddling for the first time.” Before lunch: (wild loops) After lunch: (wild loops and curses)

Let’s see whether this is gonna be a series: I like to try lots of things (horray for Adventure Race!), and since this does not necessarily go according to plan it seems predestined for the blog. Part One will be my kayaking course from October. It’s taught me humility, if nothing else.

Fill my dreams with flakes of snow

Dance While the Sky Crashes Down

(Biking) Things I’ll do when there is bad weather: Clean oven. Tax declaration. Decalcify shower. Tidy up desk. Go shopping. Paste photos into album. – Fortunately, the weather is never bad.

New year’s resolutions, har har! I wonder if I’ll post halfway regularly this year. Anyway the first comic collab is done, and even more than on time (last year already! Do I get a gold star or what?) – the topic was “Zu erledigen” (To do) and, as usual, Schlogger’s announced it. And here are the others’ To-Do-Lists (most comics are in German): Jo Lott / Rainer Unsinn / Pepperworth / badham / Nadia Bader / Mic at Six / Demystifikation / Regenmonster / HybridArt / Blogrovic / Dramatized Depiction / Tanja Lauch / Isla Volante / Zweithirn / art’n’illus / Katalyma / Hannes Falke / Karrakula / Marvin Clifford / Catnipsflavour / Mal-Gries.