And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: December, 2015

Baltic Sea Travelogue (5)

(Swimming, Cycling) Bathing in the Baltic Sea: Warm up. Five minutes in ice cold water. Warm up.

And thus my resolution for 2015 is fulfilled: all of my summer holiday comics are online before New Year’s Eve. I wish you all a very happy new year! See you soon!

Baltic Sea Travelogue (4)

(Cycling) The “sanitary building” is a container a little off in the wood, which spreads Romanian charm. During our whole tour it was exactly once that I had to get up at night… “NOOOO! Not here!!

Alright. Merry Christmas. Don’t drink too much.

Baltic Sea Travelogue (3)

(Cycling) With 130 kms in our legs we are not picky about campsites. “Wow.” – “This looks like something terrible happened and everyone had to run away… 30 years ago!” We find actual residents* and get an explanation: “Yeah, two years ago everything here was flooded, this campsite is the only place that’s recovered again!” (* maybe not zombies, my memory is pretty vague)

Nice zombies anyway. If you ever look for a place to spend the apocalypse at, I can only recommend this one. And it will quickly recover.