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Month: June, 2015

Of Wolf and Man

It never ends, really, it doesn’t. This weekend I did a so-called Tri-O-Lon (triathlon combined with orienteering). Summary: piece of shit. My legs are completely scratched up, but it really built character. I was second to last! Yay!

The German version contains even more self-pity, feel free to check it out.

A piece of cake

I’m not too good at planning, but this was even more unplanned than everything else: I ran the Rennsteig in a completely unknown relay team and it was not a piece of cake. Read the German version to get the full story, including the bakery and everything.

The… pond is dark and full of… carp

I was in Moritzburg and did a triathlon. Switch to German to read more. Learn German to understand it. (Sorry guys, but you have no idea how long it takes to write the German text, I really can’t do another one in a second language I’m not even good at.)