And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: August, 2012

We only part to meet again

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
– (maybe) Dr. Seuss

Oh my god, I got tears in my eyes… from laughing. Thanks a lot, Michael Phelps and Randall Munroe (who did that lovely cartoon so I don’t have to).

Toe dippers’ weather

(Swimming) Today: triathlon training. Take: one swimming pool at extraordinarily fair weather. 1.) Target the buoy. 2.) Swim to buoy, thwart opponents. 3.) Survive the attack. 4.) Find the gap. (There it is.) Congratulations, your first 50 meters! Repeat 49 times.

High summer weather, finally. Let’s cheer up. Curtain 1: Obstacle swimming between a bunch of Sunday paddlers, at least good exercise for triathlon (see above). Curtain 2: bike ride with 4kgs additional (liquid) weight, but for once (almost) without mud puddles and cleaning orgies afterwards. Curtain 3: Running on the edge of circulatory collapse – when you still run to the top under these conditions endorphins will hide anything else anyway. Any Zonk in there? When does it rain again?

Disclaimer: I’ve never (intentionally) beat a fellow swimmer and will also try to pull myself together in the future. Promise! :)


(Swimming) How I feel next to the grannies – how I feel next to my trainer. Can I have the grannies back?

Erm. Not really. The next chapter is following shortly… the dark side of the grannies.