And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: June, 2012

Chlorine is my perfume (12)

I am neither pro swimmer nor doctor, so you are following my advice on your own risk. For better understanding, read my Quick Reference first.

Summer special: two trainings today! Minimalistic, entertaining and possibly even effective.

Day 1: Frosty outdoor pool

  • Warm-Up: 50K, 50B
  • 4x200K (150K easy, 50K sprint)
  • 4x200K (100K slow, 100K fast)
  • 4x200K (50K easy, 150K fast)
  • 4x200K (increase speed from easy to sprint)
  • Cool down: 100B, 100K

(Total: 3500m)

Day 2: Cozy indoor pool

  • Warm-Up: 200K, 100R, 100B
  • 4×200 (50K-legs, 100K-complete stroke, 50K-legs)
  • 100B easy recovery
  • 6x100L
  • 4×50 (25 diving, 25K-sprint)
  • Cool down: 100B, 100K

(Total: 2300m)

Start loving someone new

(Biking) HELLO, BRAND NEW BIKE!! “So. You’re not like my old bike anyway. I’ll give you half an hour…” (3 hrs later… Juja with mud freckles) “Yaaaayyyy! Let’s go on that hill too! Until the Night Ravens come get us!!!”

There’s a new little bike around! – I did struggle with doubts and reservations for a short while, but now my inner peace is restored. Welcome to the family, Mudlark. Time to learn how to draw bicycles that don’t look like a toddler scribbled them on a desk.

(Soundtrack: Patsy Cline “Sweet dreams”)

Hai Time

“Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can.” – Lowell Thomas