And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: April, 2012

Red Sea Blues

(Diving) New underwater photos from Safaga, EG.

Chlorine is my perfume (11)

I am neither pro swimmer nor doctor, so you are following my advice on your own risk. For better understanding, read my Quick Reference first.

  • Warm-Up: 200K, 100R, 100B, 200K, 100B
  • 8×75 (25 arms/legs/complete stroke; each stroke 2×75 in IM order – S, R, B, K)
  • 5x (25S, 25K – 5er stroke)
  • 2x (25T, 25K relaxed), 2x (25K relaxed, 25T), 100K relaxed
  • 2x150K (3×50 in 3er/5er/7er stroke)
  • Cool down: 50B, 50K, 50B, 50K

(Total: 2350m)