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Month: March, 2011

The good, the bad and the girlie

(Swimming) Exercise of the day: we conquer another lane. “Oh sorry, am I disturbing you?” – “YES.” Lesson of the day: swimmers are cruelly honest.

150 bpm… and counting.

(Workout) The summer is still hiding. In order not to get mad, I’ve now tried out Te Bo. I don’t know yet how it works… whether it’ll help my health… or strengthen any of my muscles… but I sure never felt so stupid!

For those people who know as much about Te Bo (or is it Tae Bo? or Tai Bo? whatever, who cares) as I did one month ago, here’s the wikipedia entry about it that might be correct or not.

As to my personal experience: I heard that Te Bo is exhausting, that it’s pure hell and your muscles will work better than ever if you survive that stuff… good news, and since I had some spare time (swimming only once in a week until April) I thought I’d give it a try, do the hardcore stuff, you know.

What it actually was (and is, still): thirty giggling girls in girlish workout clothes are hopping about in a sweat-scented gym that has windows on all its sides so that passers-by have maximum fun watching them (which is, us). The exercises are… hard, in a nice way, I sweat like mad but it still feels more healthy than some of the other things I am doing to my body from time to time.

Conclusion: I’ll be out of it as soon as April comes, I am not recommending it to anyone, but if you think you need to try it, too: you know best what you’re doing…