And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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It’s Only Everywhere

(Biking) “I wanted to carry you until the end of my life.” – “I know… I know.”

Who’s got a new steel mule? – Me, yaay! – And who’s got a terribly stupid grin in her face since yesterday because of that? – Me! – And who’s feeling guilty towards her old bicycle now? – Oh well. I’m gonna write one hundred times: bicycles are just inanimate objects.

Anyway, here’s a Best Of my Ogre again: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Also, today I got the first sunburn of this year while I was showing the kid around. All-round success, if you ask me.

Tested For You: Indoor Cycling

Cold. Silence. Solitude. These are all things you’ll hope for in vain at Indoor Cycling. “You’re sweating a puddle.” – “So what.”

Spreewald Travelogue (8)

(Paddeln) 18.8. Der ganze Zeltplatz trifft sich morgens am Bäckerwagen. Geruhsames Frühstück, geruhsames Paddeln. “Badepause!” – “Voll undurchsichtig, das Wasser.” – “Hier steht, das deutet auf Blaualgen hin.” – “Lass uns mal ne Dusche suchen.” Also keine Badepausen mehr. Nur noch zum Ziel paddeln. “Langweilig?” – “Geht so.” Geschafft! Finisher-Fassbrause und Erdbeerbowle. Die Heimfahrt: “Klassisches Sabaton-Wetter!” – “Boah, hatten wir ein Schwein.”


18.8. In the morning the whole campsite meets at the baker’s car.
Calm breakfast, calm paddling.
“Bathing break!” – “Hmm, the water’s pretty opaque.” – “It says here that this might be a sign for cyanobacteria.” – “Let’s look for a shower.”
So no more bathing breaks. Just paddling to the destination.
“Boring?” – “Could be worse.”
We did it! Finisher lemonade and strawberry punch.
The drive home: “Classic Sabaton weather!” – “Wow, how lucky we’ve been.”

And this about wraps it up. Have some photos and see you soon!