And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Category: Shower Talk

Tested For You: Being a Bike Guide (1)

(Biking) What usually happens when I’m drunk: “Registration successful – XTERRA” But this time: “Heyyy I could be a bike guide!” – “Sure why not!” I mean, really. “Okay, and how are you qualified?” – “I can ride bikes. Well, um… most of the time I don’t crash.” – “Fine, then will you please sign here.” – I have a feeling this should have been more difficult.

(Here’s the prologue.)

If my course finds this: no, of course this is a really simplified depiction and I’m absolutely totally qualified and prepared for anything.

Glissé, Demi-Plié, Tombé

(Running) Only in icy conditions: combined course “long distance running and ballet”

Maybe the ice has been gone for a week and nobody finds this funny any more and perhaps I just wanted to draw some runners in Swan Lake tutus.

Blessed with a bucket of lucky mobility

(Biking) It’s not clever to set out to do an 80-km-ride on a stubborn ogre for the first tour in the year. (“Oh no, a mountain!”) But if you do it anyway it’s very important to have a freshly made cake waiting at home. (“Oh, did you also want some?”)