And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Running with nice people (10)

(Running) “Woah, all icy!” – “The weather bureau recommends to move like a penguin.” But not like this (penguins walking) – like that. (penguins sliding on belly)

Suspend Mode

(Something completely different) “New recipe!” – “Already at 2011!” – “Der Tukan” – “Great, this TV thing” – (War and Peace) – “Man, it’s about time I get well again.”

Hejhej, welcome to the new year, finally some doodles, before even the last reader forgot that this was once supposed to be a comic blog. Yes, my immune system seems to have gone on vacation again, I’m picking up every cold that’s going around. That’s in many ways more efficient than bad weather.

Oops… I did it again

Tee hee. I said I’d never do a 12-hour-swimming again… and of course I did one (in August, not now! I’m just too lazy to write and draw stuff!). You could read about it in German, or pretend this never happened and move on with your life.