Absence makes the waist grow chubby

“All this overindulgence has to stop! How about a little diet on our holiday?” – “NO.” (Cheese spaetzle, pancake soup, Schlutzkrapfen, Blutwurst-Gröstl mit Kraut, Topfenstrudel, bacon dumplings, Kaiserschmarrn, Sacher cake…)

There’s always a long To Do List on holidays in the Alps, and it’s not so much about the mountains…

Sooo, it’s comic collab time again. This time it was “Someone didn’t think”, which is lovely because almost every idea fits. Again, Schlogger started it all, other participants are: Martin Rathscheck / Illustrie / Kasterlkasper / Fledermaus Fürst Frederick Fon Flatter / Rainer Unsinn / Samics / Regenmonster / Blogrovic / JARoo / Escapism / Isla Volante / Tanja Lauch / Nadia Bader / BTW Comics / Apfelhase / Team O Comics / Dramatized Depiction / Marvin Clifford / Armer Armin / Des Schweinehunds Zähmung / Pepperworth.