Dirty tricks

(Biking) “I often get asked how I can do so much stuff beside my 9-to-5-job. Well – it is my lunch break, and I decide how I use it.”

Say, sweeping the staircase.

But really the secret is quite simple, namely: biking! This saves you so much time compared to going by car or tram or walking you wouldn’t believe it – so just try.

This cartoon is part of a comic collaboration for “Alltag (daily routine)”. Read more – also who else took part – at Schlogger (in German). For a start: Spinken / Blogrovic / Flausen / Isla Volante / JO’STUFF / Kales Sofakinder / L.I.N.S. / llenning / Regenmonster / Wolkenkuckucksheim / Steffen / Just kritzeling / Doppelgänger / Don Vanone (nice idea) / Marv Comics / Fuggiano / Schwarze Tage / Trolla Glong / Solarblaukraut / JARoo / Pete’s Daily