Chlorine is my perfume (13)

I am neither pro swimmer nor doctor, so you are following my advice on your own risk. For better understanding, read my Quick Reference first.

Yay, this category is still alive! Happy new year, and keep moving – in any weather!

  • Warm-Up: 200K, 100R, 100B, 75K
  • 10×100 endurance: 3x(100K, 100R, 100L), 100B
  • 3x25S-legs (25 on the left side, 25 on the right side, 25 normal)
  • 2x25B-legs, 25B
  • 4x100K (50K breathing every 3rd stroke, 50K breathing every 5th stroke)
  • 50K sprint (or anything else you’d define as your “main stroke”)
  • Cool down: 125K

(Total: 2200m)