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Month: July, 2016

Tested For You: Rugby (2)

(Rugby) We’re practising to knock down people behind a foam thingy. I wonder when this might come in handy. (“Wall of Death!!”)

Completely unrelated, let’s have a look at my right arm right now:


It’s not broken, so it helped (although not so much technically but by teaching me to choose my enemies wisely).

Tested For You: Rugby (1)

(Rugby) “Women’s Rugby? But there are only deadly killer valkyries!” Field test: no killer valkyries. But deadly anyway.

It’s been a while since I tried that. Yeah, Rugby. Some squabbling is always fine. In fact it hurt quite a bit. But it was so funny!


“The cherry pit spitting record is over 20 meters.” (breathing in) (spitting a bit less than 20m) “Let’s just boulder some more”

Depending on the source, the record is either 21.71m or 29.12m. Anyway I need to practice a little more. Because cherry pit spitting is a serious matter.