And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: February, 2014

Running with nice people (8)

(Running) “Hmm. We could have known the winter aconites don’t blossom in the dark.” – “I’m staying right here until this opens!!”

Hey folks, I got a little bored and found an old paintbox, so here’s what happened:

Stay hungry

(Biking) That brief moment when you rip your food open with your teeth… and then, few seconds later… (lion and cow)

Yay, it worked once again, a comic collab theme (“food and drink”) was published and I already had an idea (so this has been lying around since January). As usual, Schlogger started it all, other participants are: Lapinot (!) / Leanders feine Linie / fledermaus fürst frederick fon flatter / Isla Volante / Rainer Unsinn / Escapism / Kasterlkasperl / KGB / Sachen gibt’s / Team O / Jo Lott / Sad But Awesome / Des Schweinehunds Zähmung / Handschuhfisch / Tanja Lauch / Nadia Bader / Samics / Dramatized Depiction / Apfelhase  / Um die heisse Windel / Eulalia the Oovl / Birne Helene / Wolkenkuckucksheim / Marvin Clifford / Regenmonster / Buddelfisch / Doodlebox / Illustrie / BTW / Armer Armin / Fugus Fischglas / L.I.N.S.

Going wild

I’m well aware it’s been quite some time since I wrote the last post, and it might be quite some time to the next, I’m sorry, life is mad. Meanwhile, have a wintry wild boar. And patience.