And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: November, 2013

The crunch question

(Biking) “Now do we brake at those red lights there, say? / I know thou art a dear good man, / but fear thy thoughts do not run much that way.” – “Leave that, my child! …Must one?”

Goethe is probably turning in his grave, but he had it coming.

Pack in and win

(Biking) “Studied the weather forecast for one week. 10% probability of rain. Sunnier than today. And warm, too. – Anyway I’m gonna take a bag full of winter and rain clothes.” And then: “Who’s stupid now.”

You know why they print the weather forecast next to the horoscopes?

Motivation is never an issue.

“Any day could be the last nice day for a long time.” – Jef Mallet, Frazz