And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Month: February, 2013

It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day

“…tout est bien aujourd’hui, voilà l’illusion.” – Voltaire
(“…everything’s fine today, that is our illusion.”)

Take a break

(Swimming, Biking, Running) PAUSE – Teatime – PLAY

This cartoon is part of a comic collaboration for “Auszeit (time-out)”. Read more – also who else took part – at Schlogger (in German). For a start: Beetlebum / Hillerkiller / Jeff Chi / Steffen / Schwarze Tage / DonVanone / Wolkenkukucksheim / Regenmonster / Isla Volante / Flausen / Henning / Kales Sofakinder / Marv / Blogrovic / Fuggiano / Jaroo / Mein Leben als Neandertaler

It’s crowded at the top.

(Running) “I don’t like running with the pack.” Fast guys in front – Silence & Loneliness – chattergroup in the back. “Therefore: all right today.”

So much for the Gaussian Distribution. I was right – q.e.d.