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Month: May, 2012

Bedtime stairways

(Biking)”OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK I SHOULD’VE KNOWN THIS ISN’T WORKING!!!” – Getting used to my new bike

Beware your habits and reflexes! When you’re drunk and weary and defenceless they’ll come to stab you in the back… (No mum, of course this is not a true story… ;)

Handicraft Hour

(Biking) Bike tools I used to have in my bag: spare tube, tyre levers, mini pump. Additional bike tools that I need now: wrench (2-size), assortment of bolts and nuts in various sizes, some meters of wire, dumbbell wrench, universal adhesive, tape, saw. Welcome, lovely new bike!

Things that happened to my old bike on its last 2000 kms:

  • flat tyre.

Things that happened to the “new” bike on its first 200 kms:

  • lost screw & rear mudguard came loose
  • dynamo screw came loose & dynamo fell off
  • bottom bracket came loose, chain wheel started to wiggle
  • back reflector came loose (but did not fall off as yet)
  • broken chain guard touched the chain and had parts sawn off
  • weird noises…

To be continued.

To Absent Friends

(Biking) Farewell. Mudskipper (3.9.2008 – 26.4.2012)

Sorry for not writing anything for such a long time. I had some other problems recently: my beloved little bike was stolen! Ok, I’ve probably cried long enough, at least I’m healthy and life seems to go on. Maybe.