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Month: February, 2012

Te Bo or not Te Bo…

(Workout) My favorite Te Bo exercises: the dying mole… Escher’s arch… the All-the-others-are-doing-it-too-thing”.

You think I’m doing it wrong?! Oh come on.

(Btw: yes, I came back to Te Bo. It’s ridiculous but effective. The day after the first workout I cycled 73 kms through night and cold. The day after the second workout I broke my running record. I wonder what happens next.)


My best friend insisted I try Wheat-Brix (name changed) today. “Wait, this is what healthy food looks like?! – Hell-o chocolate fudge!”

To be fair: you’re really full after eating such a brick, and after I did I broke my PR by three minutes. And farted like an old woman, har har :) The only downside is now I have to eat another one just to see if there really is a causation in this – could be, but who knows?

The Fortune Cookie Says:

Food and drinking joins
body and soul.