And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Wochenend und Sonnenschein (3)


Short interlude in the summer travelogue – almost goes unnoticed, though there’s a conspicuous lack of leaves and apples on the trees, but the temperatures indicate climate change and in this cozy atmosphere the unthinkable just happened: one hundred kilometres, five days before the 24th! Merry Christmas everyone:

(It could be that I got lost a tiny little bit, but actually I know this area pretty well and so this was probably just a trick of my subconscious to get me some nice additional hills.)

Coming out of hibernation

Spring, spring! …and all the mudlarks sing… or something like that… so this is what happens when I’m just not planning anything at all:

(Oh yes of course, mountain bikers are the worst destroyers of our beautiful forest ways.)

Celebrate a Brand New Day

If nothing else, I’ll at least post some sketchbook leftovers and my Hello-Spring-Afterwork-Cycle-Tour – about the fourth one for this year… but now it’s really coming! I’m still waiting for my (male?!) fellow bikers to share the secret of perfectly smooth calves… until then I’ll probably be the Yeti.

Regular comics probably resume as soon as I’ve recovered from all that Yay-Real-Biking-Is-Possibly-Again-Enthusiasm.