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Tested For You: Being a Bike Guide (2)

(Biking) “It’s said that ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’.” (Often accompanied by pictures of people climbing high mountains.) Well… the end of my comfort zone is here: “TEACH US SOMETHING!”

Another end of my comfort zone is drawing mountain bikes. For the next comic I’ll have to carve a potato stamp or something.

Tested For You: Being a Bike Guide (1)

(Biking) What usually happens when I’m drunk: “Registration successful – XTERRA” But this time: “Heyyy I could be a bike guide!” – “Sure why not!” I mean, really. “Okay, and how are you qualified?” – “I can ride bikes. Well, um… most of the time I don’t crash.” – “Fine, then will you please sign here.” – I have a feeling this should have been more difficult.

(Here’s the prologue.)

If my course finds this: no, of course this is a really simplified depiction and I’m absolutely totally qualified and prepared for anything.

Blessed with a bucket of lucky mobility

(Biking) It’s not clever to set out to do an 80-km-ride on a stubborn ogre for the first tour in the year. (“Oh no, a mountain!”) But if you do it anyway it’s very important to have a freshly made cake waiting at home. (“Oh, did you also want some?”)