And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Egyptian Travelogue (3)

(Diving, Something completely different) (1) “Did you notice in the cave at the end how the water was suddenly really warm?” – “That was the moment you peed.” (2) “Hi, I’m your guide. How’s your English?” – “Not so good, but under water:” (hand sign for “alright”) (3) We’ve got a birthday boy!! “Have you called the turtle?” – “I’m sorry, it was engaged…” And then we saw a turtle [Fin]

Egyptian Travelogue (2)

(Diving, Something completely different) (1) “Ah! That Pharao, and Nofretete, and Nefertiri?” – “Tut-ankh-Amun, Kleopatra, cat.” (2) Things to see in the Red Sea: Moray eel. Blue-spotted stingray. Chocolate dipperfish. (3) Under water there’s not much of a difference between “Fuck it’s cooold” and “You idiots, I’m exploding!!”

Egyptian Travelogue (1)

(Diving, Something completely different) (1) “Attention! Please do not leave your bags unattended!!” – Intensives Anstarren des Gepäcks… (2) “Good morning, my name is Ahmed, and the driver’s name is Ahmed.” Everyone’s name is Ahmed. (3) A pack of sugar is twice as big as at home. Day 1: “Thanks, no sugar.” Day 2: “Ok, half a pack…” Day 4: “I’ll just take it all.” Day 6: “This isn’t even sweet.”

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