And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.

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Oops… I did it again

Tee hee. I said I’d never do a 12-hour-swimming again… and of course I did one (in August, not now! I’m just too lazy to write and draw stuff!). You could read about it in German, or pretend this never happened and move on with your life.

Bavaria Travelogue (3)

Because I am too lazy to draw, here comes a pure photo post:

By the way, this time we weren’t all good with the strategy of “do not plan, just let GPSies do its thing” – I am a little paranoid and like paper maps way too much to leave them at home, but even with little corrections there was a lot of motorway in hearing distance of our route. Well, shortest way… we’d probably do that differently next time. Because the last day (maximum altitude difference and beauty, planned manually) was also pretty much the best.

Bavaria Travelogue (2)

(Biking) “Man, these damned city passages. Stupid weather. Stupid concrete. My bum hurts. Munich stinks. Everyone stinks.” Half an hour later: “OMG the Alps!! Did you see that? The Alps! Right in front of us! There they are, the Alps!”

Pro tipp: one of the best things about bike tours with a partner is that the mood swings are normally asynchronous. So at least one of us is motivated. Disclaimer: Munich does not stink – just when I’m in one of my moods…